Ergonomics in the Workplace

Let’s start with this…what is ergonomics? We all have heard the mention of ergonomics but I wanted to make sure I got it right so I looked it up. Meriam-Webster defines ergonomics as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact…

Top Human Resources Issues For Small Business

We live in a rapidly changing world. These changes include how we manage and lead employees. Recent studies by Human Resources professionals identified a number of challenges facing employers of all sizes. Retaining and developing top performers– As the workforce gets older, finding ways to attract younger employees will be important.…

Strategic Planning With A Purpose

Companies of every size should participate in strategic planning to grow A strategic plan is like a road map directing where you want your business to be in three, five, or ten years. Some businesses appear to do very little formal planning yet they accomplish incredible things. However, most of these…

Milestones. Not Deadlines

Just the word deadline itself makes some of us shudder. It brings imagines of some large, burdensome task, lurking ahead of us – waiting to catch us for being late. (more…)