Developing Leaders From Within Your Company

How does a company develop leaders? Is it better to look outside or try to develop leaders from within? We think there are very good reasons developing leaders from within your company for your future leaders. One of the key advantages of selecting someone internally to develop into a leader, is…

Cyber Liability Top Concern For Many Business Owners

Cyber liability: Coverage that nearly every kind of business should have if they don’t already. From retailers, banks, contractors, distributors, restaurants and medical offices, many businesses owners are unaware of the great liability exposure they face. Recent state laws require companies that have experienced a security breach to notify all customers…

HR Report – Improve Employee Morale On A Budget

Improving employee morale is a tough proposition for even the best organizations. It is very true, money can’t buy happiness. So here are a few ways to improve employee morale on a budget. Happy workers are 12 percent more productive according to a study led by Professor Andrew Oswald at Warwick…

7 things about Luxa you should know but were afraid to ask

Many companies out there will tell you all about performance, KPI’s, features, and benefits. ¬†Although Luxa can offer all of that and more, you might be interested to know a few more things about the company. We know that handling complex and sensitive matters such as financials and payroll activities can…

5 Tips For Starting a Business

Creating a plan before starting a business is essential to your success. The latest news from the Small Business Administration is that over 60% of new businesses last at least 2 years, and 44% of these last another two years. It is a fact that more small businesses fail then succeed.…