Is Your Content Marketing ROI Worrying You?

Real Madrid success in soccer. A lesson in patience. If you are a sports fan or, better yet, a soccer fan – this blog is for you! As business owners we, at some point in time, want to expand our market. It would be prudent to do so and not remain…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Ledger Advice

  How basic accounting helps with general ledger accounts A well-organized Chart of Accounts (“COA”) is the foundation of a sound business financial system.  When one is well structured, it facilitates meaningful financial reporting which is critical for sound budgeting, forecasting and actual results.  Too much detail in a chart of…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Tax Accounting Do’s and Don’t’s

How basic accounting will keep you out of hot water with the IRS I often equate tax accounting to brain surgery: it requires special talent and education.  Therefore, I clearly convey to my clients that I am neither a tax expert nor tax consultant.  I also gladly point our clients in…
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Geary Energy: Case Study For Tulsa Outsourcing Organizations

Why Tulsa Outsourcing Is A Good Thing Contribution by: Mike Chromy Geary Energy was founded in 1998 to provide wholesale, retail, and industrial end-users with reliable supplies of
 natural gas, and simultaneously providing reliable markets for producers and suppliers.

 Geary Energy has grown quickly into a $200 million provider, aggregator, trader,…
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Bookkeeping Advice: 10 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making

  Bookkeeping tips to avoid the pitfalls More than likely, you might already have someone doing your bookkeeping tasks on a part-time or full-time basis. How do they seem to you? How do your books seem? If there are doubts or you are unsure that things are going smoothly it’s time…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Account Reconciliation

Basic accounting for reconciling your accounts Reconciling your bank accounts compares two different records in order to see if everything matches. This might be comparing your receipts to the information stored in QuickBooks or other accounting programs. Regardless of how you are comparing the two accounts, when running your own business,…
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