Why Should I Outsource My Work?

3 Reasons You Should Outsource Outsourcing sometimes gets a bad rap these days.  So much of this relates to the overseas outsourcing and the removal of jobs locally. But what about local outsourcing? These are 3 good reasons we feel you should consider outsourcing for your buinsess needs: (more…)

3 Startling Ways Poor Performance Can Affect Your Team

Signs of a poor performer in the workplace Why is my team not performing well?  What happened to the morale? Where did the success go? Do you find that you are asking yourself any or all of these questions? If so, you may have a poor performer lurking in the group.…

Why Poor Performers are Bad for your Company

Managing poor performance in the workplace  Almost every company has a “bad apple” employee. You know the employee who doesn’t show up for work, exploits the time off policy, and walks on the edge of policies and procedures.  He does just enough work to keep his job but has no desire…

4 Signs Of A Poor Performer In The Workplace

Identifying poor performance can be tricky. When an employee is not meeting the job expectations the company’s bottom line and the team’s morale can suffer. Following are a few performance gauges that hopefully will help to focus on what is important. (more…)

How Social Media Aids Tulsa Inbound Marketing Solutions

Why social media prospecting is important I usually go to an executive luncheon once a month for owners and CEO’s of local businesses here in Tulsa and started wondering how many leaders actually use their social media accounts to find new prospects or leads. We all have come to know social…

How to Identify Low Performance

5 signs of a poor performer How to identify low performance can be tricky. And, training managers to do it is often challenging since every manager has their own personality and way of relating to their team. How can you simplify the task of identifying low performance and training others to…

7 Management Skills To Reducing Conflict In The Workplace

  Increase productivity in the workplace Conflict creates workplace tension, and that can reduce productivity. Research shows that 70-80% of all conflicts in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees. The typical manager or supervisor will spend about 20% of his/her time dealing with conflicts between employees. According to Ernst and Young, the…

Who Is Managing Poor Performance In Your Company?

Share your story on life with a difficult employee I think we can all agree that at some point in time we have managed a “difficult employee”.  The question is what constitutes a “difficult employee” – correct? I think for the sake of argument, working with challenging employees just make life…

The Value of Performance Reviews

How performance reviews can help your “problem employee”  For the most part, employees come to work ready to work hard, deliver good customer service and help the company grow. We all want our jobs and careers to be fulfilling, and even more; we want to be valued for what we do.…

How to Solve Your Payroll Deadlines with Filing Accuracy

Key points to payroll filing accuracy A key to managing your payroll efficiently and avoiding unnecessary IRS penalties is strictly adhering to deadlines and ensuring your documents are filed accurately. In a recent article published by INTUIT, “The Top 10 Payroll Mistakes…and What to Look Out For”, #3 was listed as…