Key Reasons For Financial Statement Analysis

Show me the money! Do you want your employees to contribute to your companies financial goals? We have pondered this very question when conducting our own financial statement analysis and how each employee sees themselves as part of the bigger picture. Look no further than your financial statements for the answer.…
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Reading Your Financial Statements 101

How important is it to analyze your business financial statements? Are you worried your financial statements may be throwing you off on your calculations? Is it concerning how this will impact your business? Often times enough, running your business can be a day-to-day challenge.  Most business owners would love to spend…
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Why Knowing Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow Position Is So Crucial

  Are you wondering if you have hidden money in your business? Do you wonder if you have money hidden in your business? Are you looking for ways to improve your cash flow position? Many times you see reports about the financial gains of Fortune 500 companies and stories of their…
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3 Marketing Activities That Are Hard To Measure

How measuring marketing activities is like going to the gym I just spoke with a Personal Trainer at my local gym to give me guidance on how to shed a few unwanted pounds. The reason for that is because I am stuck on a plateau. I am not overweight (by much!)…
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Are you thinking about your finances?

Ways to improve your cash flow position Do you feel like you work with nothing to show for it? Getting a business venture off the ground is exhilarating and at the same time your biggest challenge. There is the excitement to launch the product, polish the new manuals for your service,…
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