Improve Your Business Finances With These 4 Tips

Improving your business finances takes consistency  Lenders, consultants and other resource partners will all ask you the same thing; “How are your financials?”  If you can’t or don’t know how to ask for help, we hope the information below will give you a starting point.   The point is to know…

Why Sales Profit Margins For Small Businesses Matter

How a failing California wine store focused on the margins to turn it all around The success of a business relies on more than just a product or process – it’s about leadership. Our discussion in this article takes us to Orange County, CA to a wine and bar location called…

Why Calculating Payroll Taxes Correctly Matters

Knowing this about calculating payroll taxes could save you big time Businesses cannot afford to miss paying payroll taxes – even though there are many that take the risk every day. The one creditor you think you can afford putting off is not the IRS. Additionally, calculating payroll taxes is time…

How To Generate More Leads Online Through More Than Email Marketing

Is there a difference in email marketing and inbound marketing?  You may have identified some trends in your business that are cause for concern. Are sales lagging? Is your customer base thinning out from the back with retention issues? Many business owners today are struggling with making connections and measuring engagement…

Series On Business Mistakes: Cash Flow Problems

How a Florida company changed their cash flow position to save their business Being in a position of running a business takes energy, business savvy, and stamina. Often times, there are challenges and business mistakes that affect the financial position of a business and, interestingly enough, not all the time is…

Why Good Sales Profit Margins For Small Businesses Can Fool You

  A meat processing plant in Brooklyn almost goes under in peak performance How can companies with millions in yearly growth, struggle with their payables and meet payroll? As a business owner and professional, the demands to run a business and turn a profit can be overwhelming, even in times of…

Knowing How To Read Financial Statements Can Help You Sleep At Night

Can I get away with not knowing everything in my financial statements?  Do you know business owners that avoid opportunities to read their financials?  Focusing on business needs and operational decisions can take precedence over crunching numbers. However, losing focus on the numbers has more than once crippled organizations missing key…

Strategic Planning: Developing a Green Business

These days everyone wants to do what they can to protect and preserve our environment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business or individual, green is in. Many businesses even advertise that they use green practices. Not only is this smart marketing, but green practices can lower operating costs, and…
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