Knowing Your Consumer Buying Decisions Will Improve Your Ranking

  How buying habits of today’s consumers have changed I was discussing the details of a website re-design strategy with a fellow CMO of a major corporation and found it fascinating how one simple idea can catapult into a multi-layered, time intensive operative. What started as a re-branding strategy and website…
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3 Tips On How To Understand Financial Statements

  How to use your financials for business growth Many businesses often only refer to their income statement and bank accounts to measure business growth.  Unfortunately, the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows are often overlooked and can offer excellent insight into the true measure of a company’s success.…
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Can Online Marketing Strategies Help Your Business?

  7 Ways Marketing Online Will Impact Oklahoma Small Businesses  Traditional marketing has suffered in performance with small businesses in the recet years due to cost and an overall return on investment. This impacts a businesses ability to generate new business and often times questions the strategy in place to many…
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The Role Technology Has Played in Small-Business Accounting …

How do changes in bookkeeping impact small business accounting in Tulsa? Due to persistent competition and need to improve operations, small businesses have increasingly adopted technology and leveraged it for increased efficiency. One of the areas that have significantly been affected by this is accounting– since the invention of the abacus,…
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A 5 Step Process To Generate More Leads Online

Will content marketing lead your growth in 2015? Businesses today have a tough time of finding and keeping customers. Each business presents itself with a complex formula for finding and retaining business. However, each business model must include a single component to make it all work – a source of promotion…
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10 Reasons Why Your Bookkeeping Tasks Can Be A Struggle

Bookkeeping tips to aleviate the challenges Do you have someone doing your books on a part-time or full-time basis? Many times as business owners we are just glad someone likes to deal with “the numbers” other than ourselves. That being the case, do you have a way to check their work?…