Supervisor Employee Relationship: Finding The Best Way To Lead

Employee Relationships: 7 Strategies for being an effective supervisor We believe that to be the best leader you can be, you need to be a fearless, bold, effective coach on a daily basis. Aspirational, right? The path to greatness seldom runs smoothly though, so here are a few strategies to get…
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A 5 Step Process On How To Generate Leads Online

What marketing activities help grow your business online? Businesses today have a tough time of finding and keeping customers. Each business presents itself with a complex formula for finding and retaining business. However, each business model must include a single component to make it all work – a source of promotion…
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Supervisor Employee Relationship: What Can Happen In The First 60 Days

Manager Employee Relationship And The First Impression Challenge As for most supervisors and their roles, I now know after working with other business owners and their share of “supervisor dilemas”, that the supervisory role is a direct extension of the management team.  This may mean you foster as much negative as…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Reviewing Your Aged Receivables (Slideshare)

Basic accounting on Aged Receivables  Businesss looking to controll their receivables and deterine credit worthy customers pay close attention to the reporting structure in the aged receivables of their business. An aged receivalbe report is a report that lists unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date ranges. Some managers ask…
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Reasons To Develop Content For Your Leads Online

Using your marketing activities online to promote your business I often wonder how many people still fear the internet. Hundreds? Thousands? The fear that some entity online is not who they say they are leaves people doubting proclamations of successful ventures and offers as “something too good to believe.” With that…
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What To Consider To Generate Leads Online

Can marketing activities like blogging really help with generating leads? Are you thinking of online lead generation or content marketing to help you find more qualified traffic or leads? Many small business owners who are savvy enough can start this on their own. There is alot of helpful information and material…
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Outsourced Accounting: How We Analyze Your Financials For Success

  Using Trend Analysis To Assess Financial Performance Financial statement users often have a need to draw comparisons.  Some want to compare their company’s recent performance to prior periods.   Others are seeking a meaningful way to compare their financial results to other companies in their market or industry.  Investors may want…
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Small Business Bookkeeping Tips: Cash Handling (Slideshare)

Tips on handling large quantities of cash on-hand If you do a search on Goolge of “handling large quantities of cash” you will find companies that you can hire to just that. However, if you own a busines that happens to deal with cash on a daily basis, you don’t need…
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Bookkeeping Tips: 4 Simple Steps To Bring In The Dough

Basic accounting best practices in credit and collections In today’s business environment, the effectiveness of a company’s sales team is often viewed as the driving force of success or failure.  They are the rainmakers, a profit center that delivers revenue and enables a company to keep the bottom line in the…
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