Payroll Laws In Oklahoma: Employer’s Responsibilities To Be Aware Of

Payroll laws in oklahoma can impact your requirements with taxes and reporting Payroll has a lot to do with a company’s accountability. Companies need to comply with all payroll tax requirements so they are in good, financial standing. When it comes to it, companies want to report fairly and avoid payroll…
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Supervisor Employee Relationship: Handling Tough Talks

  Tips to follow when supervisor employee relationships end No supervisor can escape it. Sooner or later you’re going to have to summon an employee into your office to address a performance problem or to have some unpleasant conversation. Talking to employees about performance problems, attendance issues, or behavior can be…
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Leads Online Have Different Buying Habits Today

Why marketing activities must adapt to new ways of conversion I was discussing the details of a website re-design strategy with a fellow CMO of a major corporation and found it fascinating how one simple idea can catapult into a multi-layered, time intensive operative. What started discussing a re-branding strategy and…
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Series Focus On Business Mistakes: Know Your Numbers!

Struggling Businesses: A lesson on being open about your numers to your accountant How can companies with millions in yearly growth, struggle with their payables and meet payroll? As a business owner and professional, the demands to run a business and turn a profit can be overwhelming, even in times of…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Business Forecasting (Slideshare)

Basic accounting for Annual Profit & Loss Estimate Business forecasting is not just for investors. If you’re a business owner, chances are you need data that determines how you spend your resources. Without being aware of sales gaps, expected revenue, deposit information, cash flow figures, etc – your chance of a…
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Supervisor Employee Relationship: 8 Vital Employment Laws

The laws of protecting supervisor employee relationships   Supervisors have a shared responsibility with HR in making sure that their interactions and relations with employees are compliant with federal and state laws. Here are eight (8) of the most important employment laws that supervisors needs to be aware of and the…
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6 Areas Of Your Marketing That Generate Leads Online

Marketing activities that prove their ROI Are you looking for new business online and can’t seem to get traction? Many people are in the same boat but you might find that you are going about it the wrong way. For businesses with a limitted budget looking to start a marketing program,…
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Bookkeeping Tips: Month End Reporting

What basic accounting reports to focus on at month end Many professions find the end of the month to be another date on the calendar. For accountants, we roll up our sleeves and start the process of balancing books. But what should be the primary focus when reviewing your most important…
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Supervisor Employee Relationship: Coaching Problem Employees

How to coach through supervisor employee relationships If an employee, whether new or long-tenured makes a mistake – it’s often best to consider coaching, mentoring and additional training instead of immediately thinking about discipline and possible termination. (more…)
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Bookkeeping Tips: Expenses and Receipts (Slideshare)

Basic accounting for how long to keep receipts I do my fair share of traveling, although I am not a world traveler by any means. However, the one thing I find so annoying is a fat wallet! Does anyone else mind carrying that thing in the back seat of your pockets?…
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