This Good Business Idea Helps Millennial Renters

Having a good business idea or concept is inspiring. Developing that into a business model that innovates and challenges the economy to shift is incredible. That’s exactly what Jonathan Eppers did with his idea to create a space for his company, RadPad. Jonathan realized early on that millennials were frustrated with the…
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Business Management Tips: 3 Reasons For Good HR Policies

Many employers are faced from time to time to take action against acts from employees that are grounds for dismissal. Inappropriate touching, profanity, public undressing. These are just a few examples of case studies we want to share with you to highlight the importance good HR best practices to protect the company from…
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5 Work-Life Balance Tips For Working Moms

Moms are entering the status of mom either before or during their employment in the U.S. than ever before. According to, “Women now make up half of all workers in the United States, with nearly 4 in 10 homes having a mom that is also a working mother.” Often times, women encounter…
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Business And Administration Tips On Healthcare Tax Credit

One of the most prevalent topics right now is health care and the impact on business. If you are a SBO, you may be directly impacted by this and could use some additional and current information.  To get money back or credit for your health care spend as an employer of…
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5 Business Leadership Qualities That Impact Others

Many people assume leadership positions either in their place of work, their homes, volunteer positions, or even among a group of friends or your own intimate relationships. People need to be led and others need to lead. We’ve all heard of “born leaders” but the truth is, the concept of a…
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6 Business Management Tips To Data-driven Succession Planning

Is your organization considering a succession plan in your company’s development phasing? Many companies are. What’s more, companies that do consider succession planning eventually find they are biting off more than they can chew. Many factors, including many you might not have considered, arise from the mention of who will be…
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Business Management: Picking The Right Accounting Method

If you’re a small business owner today, knowing what type of accounting method to use might have been the last item on your check-list before you opened doors to your business. However, what we are about to cover is the reason you want to take a good look at your books…
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