Choosing A Document Management System

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of going paperless as well as the cost-advantages of doing so. Now we are going to focus more on the implementation, starting with which Document Management System (DMS) you should choose. (more…)
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Why Offices That Are Going Paperless Are Becoming More Popular

Even though it may not be intentional, paperless offices are starting to become the norm as technology continues to be more and more integrated into our work setting. For example, paper is now almost completely eliminated as a form of communication between two people thanks to email. Word documents and Powerpoint…
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Work-Life Balance: The Awful Truth and What Needs to Be Changed

Previously, we talked about the impossibilities of maintaining a work-life balance when you’re a parent and a successful business person. Now what about the people who aren’t parents? Are they better off? It’s sad to say that research shows: not so much. Uh oh… That’s not good news. According to research…
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Cost-Advantages of Going Paperless

  If you recall from our previous article on the benefits of going paperless we mentioned our top eight reasons of why your office should consider reducing the use of paper in the office. In this article we are going to discuss three more of our favorite benefits of switching to a reduced…
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