How Is SHRM Taking Action On The FLSA Overtime Rules?

In our last post, we discussed the strong stance that SHRM has against the new FLSA Overtime Rule. (more…)
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Supervisory Training: How to Build a Productive Team

Having the ability to create a capable, intelligent, and loyal team regardless of the people you are provided with may in fact be the most impressive skill any supervisor can have. If you don’t believe me, recall how much the movie Moneyball impressed you, or better yet, the movie 300. Whether you…
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Supervisory Training: How To Implement Attendance Policies

Being able to be a successful company means providing important and valuable services to people. In order to accomplish this mission, it is imperative that every employee be present when scheduled to fulfill customer expectations. Our clients ask us for assistance in providing well rounded policies for their business document strategies.…
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What FLSA Overtime Rule Means For Your Company

In our last article, we talked briefly about what the FLSA Overtime Rule was and also discussed some of the logistics behind legislation making this monumental move. (more…)
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Women Business Leaders Behind A Designer Water-Bottle Startup

As you may have noticed, recently we have been in story-telling mode. That’s because here at LUXA we believe there’s no better way to get inspired than to listen to the success stories of others, especially those who prevailed against the odds or emerged due to an ingenious idea. This is another one…
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