Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: What if I Say the Wrong Thing?

In order to move diversity and inclusion in the workplace forward we must be willing to experience some level of discomfort, get a little uncomfortable; as we like to say, one must get comfortable with being uncomfortable during this journey. (more…)
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Three Reasons Not to Ignore Diversity and Inclusion Training

The temptation to ignore Diversity and Inclusion because of the perception that it is too much work, or that addressing the issue is not valuable, is a costly mistake. Trust us; we have three big reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this trend. (more…)
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Bookkeeping Tips: Why are Inventory Counts important?

So why are inventory accounts so important?  Making sure you have an accurate account, can make the efficiencies and customer service in a business the best. Although most counts are time consuming and drain you resources, they are very important. (more…)
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Can Diversity and Inclusion training reinforce organizational performance?

Can diversity and inclusion training reinforce organizational performance? You bet! If you are looking to improve your bottom line, ensure that diversity and inclusion is infused at all levels within all business units of your organization.   (more…)
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