Why Recruiting Can Be The Most Colorful Profession

Funny Recruiting Stories Over the 11 years that LUXA’s HR team has been helping clients hire employees, we have experienced some unusual and funny interviews that we thought were worth sharing!  (more…)
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10 Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow Position

Running a business means you are in charge of every aspect of the business. Your responsibility to your business financial health is what keeps you afloat to service your clients needs. In order to achieve a healthy financial perspective, it is important to know where your cash lies within your business.…
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Community Involvement Ideas and Why it Matters

    In the world of non-profit organizations, the key words of community support often used are time, treasure and talent. These words refer to the many ways that employees and companies can provide support within the community. Community involvement can be done in so many ways, whether it is family…
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How does unconscious bias affect leadership in business?

  What exactly is Unconscious Bias? Every human on the planet has some form of bias. Whether they are biases towards a certain brand choice or certain ingredient in cooking. We all have these implicit biases. Along the road of our upbringing and even into adulthood we developed all kinds of…
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Leadership in the workplace: How are servant leaders different?

  It is somewhat self-descriptive when we talk about servant leaders. The title “Servant” gives some of it away. Servant Leaders ascribe to the idea of being a servant first. There are a few specific things that servant leaders do perhaps a little differently that distinguishes them. (more…)
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Employee Recognition Ideas: The Power of Praise

The Power of Praise   Many business leaders struggle in coming up with employee recognition ideas yet it is essential when managing your staff. When employees feel that they and their work are valued and appreciated, their productivity rises and they are motivated to continue and improve on their outstanding work.…
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Sales Tax Bookkeeping Advice for Small Business

In this weeks Bookkeeping tips article, we discuss the need to sharpen your skills in sales tax. As a seller of taxable products and services, collecting and remitting the correct amount of sales tax is critical. Audits can be brutal, and mistakes can be expensive. (more…)
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