3 Key 2020 HR Trends Reshaping the Hiring Process (and HR Outsourcing)

Getting a job isn’t what it used to be.  Neither is attracting top talent.  Driven by an essentially full employment economy, CEO’s and human resources managers understand that job candidates have more choice and tend to be more discerning through the application and interviewing process.  And because it typically costs about…
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COVID-19 & the Economic Response: What To Expect in the Next Weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic will be effecting economies on every level for the next several months, possibly even a year or more. From the tiniest niche markets and local economies, through states, nations and around the globe, a severe economic slump is inevitable. It’s going to be a struggle, but eventually, business will get…
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5 Signs That You’re a Bad Boss

You’ve probably heard that people “don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses,” before– and it’s true, more than half of the time. According to a 2019 study, 57 percent of workers have left a job because of their bosses, a statistic that should have employers everywhere taking a hard look in the…

Incorporating a Flexible Work Week Without Losing Productivity

It can be something of a balancing act to do your best to both keep employees happy and keep them productive at the same time. Fortunately, there’s a surprising approach that many companies are finding effective these days to accomplish both ends. This is the flexible workweek. (more…)

Changes in the FLSA for 2020

Are you aware that a change to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) went into effect on January 1 of this year?  If not, now would be an excellent time to review the latest laws governing exempt and nonexempt employees.  The distinction between the two classifications is not as clear cut…

People Management 101: How to Manage your Team and become a More Effective Leader

  Part of being a good manager involves the ability to develop, motivate, and optimize your subordinates. While this comes naturally to some people, others will need to carefully develop their people management skills. In many cases, that involves identifying the traits of a good leader and then looking for ways…

4 Strategies to Build Fairness Through Accountability in the Workplace

As the owner of a small to medium-size business, you have a lot on your mind.  There are concerns about sales and marketing, cash flow, cost cutting and net revenues, taxes and compliance, attracting top talent and retaining your star performers.  (more…)
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Recognition and Rewards System: Shaping Your Company Culture

A goal-driven, passionate, proactive, and well-skilled employee is a dream come true for any business owner. In today’s highly competitive work environment some companies can boast hiring dozens of such workers. Then why is the overall retention rate so low? (more…)
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Interaction Safety: Do your employees feel safe enough to soar?

It’s time to rethink workplace safety. As it relates to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, organizations must take the safety of employees a step further than simply ensuring their physical safety in your environment, we must also consider interaction safety. We want all employees to speak up, be creative and…
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