Time Management for Leaders: 12 Habits of Productive People

We all wish that we could waste less time and accomplish more with the time we are given. Even focused-minded professionals find themselves sidetracked with time-wasting activities. As a business owner and leader within your company, time management is of the utmost importance. (more…)
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Payroll Solutions For Small Business: Getting Started

According to the IRS, 6.8 million penalties totaling $4.5 billion were issued to employers for incorrect payroll tax filings in 2013. It is critical for small business owners to work with a payroll provider that offers a payroll tax compliance guarantee and will take responsibility for any penalties incurred. This benefit…
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Payroll Laws: Do Employers Provide Enough Meals And Breaks?

As an employer, there are many rules you must follow regarding your employees. From fair pay to breaks during the workday, abiding by Oklahoma payroll laws is an important part of running a successful business. In this post, we will discuss some of the specific rules regarding meal breaks during the…
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