Controlling Your Expenses: A Quick Way to Double Efficiency

According to the Small Business Administration, approximately one-third of small businesses will fail within their first two years. Fortunately, there are a multitude of steps that a small business owner can take to make sure they are heading toward success instead of imminent failure. Maintaining efficiency by taking control of your…
Improving Small Business Efficiency

Improving Your Small Business Invoicing: 3 Keys for Success

Invoicing and collecting on your invoices are crucial to your company’s cash flow. As such an important aspect of your business, an efficient and accurate accounting system is necessary. You must be able to resolve small business invoicing issues quickly while enforcing customer terms for payment. A small business invoicing system…
Improving Business Invoicing

Low Employee Morale: Tips for Breaking the Cycle

As a business owner, you must keep an eye out for low employee morale. Not only can low employee morale affect the efficiency of your team but it also reflects poorly on you as an employer. Many times, the cause of low employee morale is simple to remedy. Here are a…
Boosting Employee Morale