Outsourcing Myth #1: It Will Cost More to Outsource

Many CEOs and business owners wait to outsource the important back-office functions of their organization because they are under the misconception that it costs more to outsource to an outside professional. It’s simply not true. Keep reading. At LUXA, 50% of our client base starts as a result of a financial…
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How Social Media Strategy Helps Your Business

The social media revolution is here. If you’re not already using social media for your business, then you’ve fallen behind the majority of your rivals. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are already helping thousands of companies increase brand awareness, attract new leads, and engage with customers.  The…
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How Outsourcing Benefits Administration Helps Your Business

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, business owners & CEOs must find more efficient ways to manage their employee benefits. At the same time, there are many uncertainties regarding healthcare and employee relations. It can be impossible to keep up with all the regulations, laws, and requirements placed on employers today. If…
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Starting a Business: 5 Tips for Success

Creating a plan before starting a business is essential to your success. According to the latest news from the Small Business Administration, over 60% of new businesses last at least 2 years. However, only 44% of these businesses that survive the first two years will last another two years. Unfortunately, more…
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