Outsourcing Myth #3: Outsourcing Providers Are Not Loyal

One of the most common outsourcing myths we like to extinguish with potential customers is that outsourcing professionals are not as loyal as an employee may be. TEAM LUXA is fiercely loyal. We understand that our reputation is on the line and we strive to build relationships that last a lifetime.…
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Outsourcing Myth #2: Outsourcing Providers Cannot Be Trusted

One of the primary hesitations business owners and CEOs face when outsourcing critical aspects of their organization is the belief that outsourcing providers cannot be trusted with their back-office services. This common outsourcing myth not only prevents potential business growth but also adds unnecessary stress to the lives of countless business…
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The Value of Performance Reviews

According to recent studies, over 70% of individuals in the workforce desire regular feedback on how they are doing in their jobs. Yet, only 24% of people receive regular performance evaluations. For the most part, employees come to work ready to work hard, deliver good customer service and help the company…
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Top 4 Reasons Companies Choose to Outsource

Should your company be outsourcing certain services? For as long as there have been specialized skill sets in the workplace, growing businesses have struggled to manage areas of specialties in their staff. Why is this the case? Some skill sets come at a price tag. However, others are hard to find…
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Five Issues of Every New Business

Every new business will face several obstacles. Many of these obstacles are the same from year to year. However, current economic conditions make growth even more contentious.  While owning a small business is certainly a challenge, small businesses are still the engine of the U.S. economy, and entrepreneurs still constitute the…
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