Top 4 Human Resource Challenges Today

There is no doubt that employers have many human resource issues to work through. Increased awareness among employees, litigation, and governmental regulations have all impacted how employers and employees interact. We wanted to find out what the top issues are facing employers today, so we talked to a few business owners and…
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3 Lifestyle Patterns You Cannot Afford!

At LUXA, we know that you can only achieve the success you are working towards when your personal and professional lives are balanced. We believe there are three key things that you can simply not afford: broken relationships, unhealthy lifestyles, and excessive company overhead. Let’s take a closer look at how…
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Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims Through Better Hiring Practices

It is true that no company will be free of workers’ compensation claims completely. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and that is why it is important to invest in Workers’ Compensation Insurance. As a business owner or CEO, you should aim to develop a pattern of reduced claim numbers and claims costs…
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Business Entrepreneurship

Every effective and successful business has someone who is the “entrepreneur”. Merriam-Webster defines an entrepreneur as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise”.  Management skills and strong team-building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for a successful entrepreneur.  Professor Howard Stevenson, the godfather…
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