5 Differences Between Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting are two critical aspects of business operations in any industry. Both of these roles help business owners and CEOs keep track of expenses, make informed business decisions, and potentially avoid serious issues such as fraud and embezzlement. While bookkeeping and accounting are very similar in their functions, there…
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6 Management Skills to Reduce Conflict in the Workplace

Increasing Productivity in the Workplace It is no secret that conflict within the workplace creates tension. Many times, this tension reduces productivity. Research shows that 70-80% of all conflicts in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees. The typical manager or supervisor spends approximately 20% of their time dealing with conflicts…
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Be PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE in Your Back-Office Systems

At LUXA, we know that the most effective and efficient way to achieve success in business is by establishing proactive habits. When you are simply reacting to situations in which you find yourself, you often lack control. Because of this, outside forces are influencing the trajectory of your business. However, by…
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How to Reconcile Your Accounts in 8 Easy Steps

If you run or operate a small business, it is your sole responsibility to maintain the financial health of your company. To do so effectively, certain bookkeeping and accounting activities must be performed – especially at the end of the month. From employee payroll to budgets and expenses – your dollars…
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