3 Of The Top Cloud Based Accounting Software for Macs

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With cloud syncing, sharing apps, and an easy interface, Apple products can be the way to go for your small business.

If you’ve chosen Apple, it can be hard to find good cloud based accounting software for Macs since most programs are first designed for PC and then shifted to run on a Mac as an afterthought, which results in bugs and poor customer support.

However, you can find some great business accounting software for Macs. We’ve chosen the best three programs for Apple products: Intuit Quickbooks, MoneyWorks Gold, and Xero.


Intuit Quickbooks is a very popular accounting software that is the most recommended software for small and growing businesses.

If you use Apple products in your business, you’re in luck because they have a Mac version. In Intuit Quickbooks, the user can track sales, make invoices, and access information from most devices through cloud storage. 

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MoneyWorks Gold

MoneyWorks Gold is a powerful accounting program that was designed originally for Mac. Unlike Intuit Quickbooks, MoneyWorks Gold is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

This application will allow the user to organize orders and inventory along with managing cash flow.

XERO Accounting

Xero is the best option for businesses that have both Mac and PC devices. Out of the three options, it is the most cross-platform friendly and it even works on mobiles.  

Xero is an online bookkeeping software that has a simple, clean interface.  It can keep up with all those business accounting needs, like expenses, invoices, and even payroll.

Finding the best accounting software programs for Macs can be a difficult task when most applications are originally designed for PCs.

Intuit Quickbooks, MoneyWorks Gold, and Xero are the three best accounting software programs for Macs.

With these three programs, you can get all your accounting needs met on Macs, PCs, and even mobile devices, whether you’re a super small business or a rapidly growing institution.

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