3 Proven Ways to Boost Low Employee Morale

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Research by Gallup reveals that only 32 percent of employees are engaged at work.

Low employee morale often contributes to things like lower productivity and higher turnover rates. Implementing the advice below will significantly improve employee morale and engagement.

Use Survey Data Carefully

When Gallup conducted their research on employee engagement, they found that there are certain things that dampen morale.

For example, annual employee satisfaction surveys often involve too many workplace dimensions that are poorly aligned with business objectives.

This makes it difficult to translate the results into actionable goals. Some organizations may prefer general surveys that result in positive outcomes instead of comprehensive research metrics that objectively uncover management and organizational problems.  

Ineffective surveys will only provide metrics and measure employee perceptions instead of improving business outcomes.

Leverage Loyalty

Entrepreneur magazine states that managers who increase employee loyalty will also improve motivation.

In order to do this, managers should first provide clear performance expectations that correlate with specific business and personal goals.

Employees need organizational support and structure to achieve success. Management may promote loyalty through respect, transparency and communication.

Supervisors who give preferential treatment and maintain double standards will drive certain staff to harbor disloyalty and dissatisfaction. Regular, brief face-to-face meetings are important events that can cultivate cooperation and rapport building.

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Invest in Supervisor Development

Forbes magazine states that employees quit managers, not companies.

That is, staff are most directly influenced by their immediate supervisor and not visionary executives or high-pressure leaders.

Most employees leave their companies because of negative relationships with their supervisors. Meaningful and professional relationships can only be achieved through supervisor development.

This will help reduce risks, turnover and low morale. Management should promote a positive culture of success and inclusion.

Some companies internally recruit and promote high-performing staff to increase motivation and reward hard work. Supervisors who are trained from within will better understand the culture and operations.

Finally, be sure to use scientific methods and objective metrics to measure morale. Contact us if you have hr questions that you need help with.

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