3 Proven Ways To Get Over Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block: Need ideas for content?

We’ve all been there before! Writing content does not come naturally to everyone and as a business owner writing a blog, you may have come across staring at a blank,white Word canvas. It can feel defeating.

Even though content marketing has taken off as one of the best and most engaging forms of marketing today, finding time to write your own blog takes practice. Marketers seem to pull it off effortlessly. We have some tips to help.

3 Proven methods to get over writers block

1. Questions your customers ask, you answer.

That is the premise of inbound marketing, really. This is also a great source of content for bloggers – questions from the customer. Maybe you have a sales force you can tap into to find out what questions they are seeing out in the field. Create a short survey and send it to your customers if you are short of questions.


2. Industry blogs

Sign up to receive updates on other blogs in your industry. Like any of them? Write a review! Select a couple of key points you like and why you, as another fellow expert in the industry, agree or disagree. This can add value and authority to your blog.

3. Industry trends

More than likely you are up to speed with changes in your industry or trends that occur. Make a list of these and keep them in a separate list. When it comes time to write a blog, pick out a key point you noted and write how this item affects your own business. Your customers are dying to know this kind of thing to sway purchase decisions and loyalty.

There are countless other ways to get over writers block. Like I mentioned before, every blogger has suffered through this as well. Above all, take time to plan for your blog ahead of time and create a content calendar. Make sure you are tracking keywords and use good SEO practices. If anything else, contact a blogger or someone you know good at marketing for help. The investment you make in this part of your marketing will pay in the long run.

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