3 Ways to Combat Low Employee Morale

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Your employees are the ground troops in the commerce war. They’re in the trenches every day, trying to gain your company a little more ground, and to hold what they’ve already taken.

Like any other group of troops, though, your employees need a high morale to keep up the fight. If morale is slipping in your office, here are some ways you can help bring it back up.

3 Ways To Combat Low Employee Morale

#1: Listen

One of the best ways to help improve your relationship with your employees, and to improve their morale, is to listen to what they have to say. Part of that is that employees need to vent out their frustrations, but the other part of it is fostering trust. If they know you are on their side, and you’re all on the same team, that makes it easier to work together through adversity.

#2: Encourage Publicly, Criticize Privately


No one likes being called out by the boss in front of everyone. It adds shame on top of the already awkward position of having your work criticized. So, while an employee isn’t likely to be happy that his or her work isn’t making the grade, being told that privately shows consideration and care. When it comes to praise, though, that should be done where everyone can see or hear it. Because praise multiplied is good for everyone’s spirits. Especially if you spread it around, and give a little to everyone.

#3: Be a Helper

There’s always something that has to be dealt with over and above actually doing your job. Someone has a parent-teacher conference, and needs to switch a shift. Another employee can’t get a ride to work. Someone else just isn’t getting how the protocols work. It’s important to remember that these problems are your problems, and that you need to work with your team to solve them. Or to try, and the very least. By making it you and your employees, instead of just expecting them to do it all themselves, you show solidarity, and make them realize they matter.

These are just a few ways you can help keep morale from sinking. For more actionable ways to keep morale up, simply contact us today!

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