5 Tips For Starting a Business


blog010314Creating a plan before starting a business is essential to your success.

The latest news from the Small Business Administration is that over 60% of new businesses last at least 2 years, and 44% of these last another two years. It is a fact that more small businesses fail then succeed. The two main reasons are lack of planning and funding. While we can’t help with the funding part, we can offer some ideas about new business planning.

We found at least five things entrepreneurs should consider as part of their development process. We understand there are more, but this is a good start.

1. Understand the legal issues It is important to any new start up to understand all the legal and regulatory statutes and laws surrounding their business. Hire a good attorney to help you; it will be worth the expense. Determine the corporate structure and file all the necessary paperwork with your state.

2. Start with a good name Your name needs to tell the story of what your firm does. For example, if you are starting a bakery, the name “Smith Brothers” fails to tell the public what you do. Also, depending on your market, it is probably not a good idea to use a foreign language as part of your name. Keep your name simple but innovative.

3. Develop a marketing plan Who is your target market? What is the current competition? How can you fill a need? What strategies do you need to undertake to tell your story? What are the costs of doing business?

4. Develop a Web strategy It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you must develop a web presence. This would include a web page, social media (Facebook & LinkedIn) and a blog. For some industries, Twitter and Pinterest are important as well.

5. Seek out mentors and advisors Whether your mentor provides pointers on business strategy, helps you bolster your networking efforts, or acts as a confidant, it is good to have someone on your team. Hire a competent attorney, insurance agent, accountant and payroll HR/firm.




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