5 Valuable “Must-read” Lessons from Cloud Based Accounting Software

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Entrepreneurs tackle the challenge of business because of their passion in a particular industry. To remain relevant and attractive to customers much of their time focuses on research in their field.

However, daily business revenues and expenses require meticulous records to make accurate assessments of the health of their company. Fortunately, there are several accounting services to assist small business owners with this tedious task and maintain archives in the cloud.

The following is a brief overview of five cloud based accounting softwares for small businesses and lessons learned from their philosophies.

1. FreshBooks (

The lesson of archiving each financial transaction was the inspiration for FreshBooks. Mike McDerment ran a design agency in 2004. He lost an important invoice using a traditional computer application where he saved over the file.

2. QuickBooks (

A major concern of cloud based accounting is security. QuickBooks is well known for providing accounting solutions for small business with almost two decades of tenure. It is patterned after Quicken, an individual accounting program. QuickBooks latest edition of Intuit customizes to any business with assurances from breaches to company information.

3. Kashoo (

Whatever the accounting solution, business owners must understand its reports and use the computer systems with which they are comfortable. Kashoo is led by Jim Secord who is an enthusiast of Apple products for business.

4. Xero (

An essential of every financial report is integrity. Rod Drury founded Xero as a contemporary solution to traditional accounting solutions. Xero highlights minimizing human error with financial institutional confirmations with each transaction.

5. Outright (

Business solutions tailored to the fabric of an organization enhances proficiency. Each tool for business engrafts into the culture of the company. Kevin Reeth and Ben Curren developed Outright with a focus on ecommerce businesses. Further, it collaborates with various financial institutions and other cloud accounting software for small businesses.

Each cloud based accounting software for small business provides similar functions from mobile applications to automated invoicing. The key is finding the application that works best for your company. Partner with us TODAY to assist with all your business needs.



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