6 Areas Of Your Marketing That Generate Leads Online

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Are you looking for new business online and can’t seem to get traction? Many people are in the same boat but you might find that you are going about it the wrong way. For businesses with a limitted budget looking to start a marketing program, you need it to work. If you are wanting to grow your business online there are a few things you must ensure you have started or are going to start soon. Here they are in no particular order:


Simply put, you have to have a portal for people to say, “We’re here!” Your website will be the front door to your digital shop. Make sure it’s attractive, clean, and well kept. Direct your visitors through your shop. Don’t just hit them when they come in with what you do and how well you do it. Give them a free sample of what you cook. Let them taste-test it in exchange for their name. If you are not collecting data of who visits your site you are doing yourself a huge disservice for even setting up a site in the first place. How awesome would it be to know the names and emails of EVERY visitor that expressed a curiosity in what you do? Instant contact list!


This is your free digital digest. Once your visitors decide to keep looking, just ask them to read your digest if they have any questions. So, what is in your digest? Information that talks about why they stepped foot in your shop. It’s a strategic collection of articles that resonate with your visitor with why they are looking for answers. Some of the articles are simply about problems and issues. While some of them are featured interviews with guests that discuss their challenges the visitor had and how you solved their issues. Most importantly, in every article offer a free taste-test for things that your visitor might find helpful so you can nurture them to visit your store whenever they feel like coming back.

Analytic Software

As the foundation of traffic is set, you need to measure it. Who is visiting? How often? What are they reading and what are they not reading? What information channels seem to be performing well? You need software for that and it has to be reliable and easy to use. So simple that even a high-schooler could use it. If you have the budget for it, Hubspot is the way to go.

Social media

Your social media sights are the guys on the street corners with their headphones on, a big billboard in their hands, and them rocking out on the corner. This is how you announce and promote your articles, your free taste-tests, and the address to your shop. Yes, it does work believe it or not!


What and how you communicate is going to be the deal breaker with your visitors. Do you know who your audience is? Is what you are writing targeted to men, women, degreed professionals, blue collar workers? The content has to have intent or you will miss your target and the article will dangle in the waste basket outside your store. Additionally, make sure what you write educates your customer before you ever mention yourself.

Content is not just blog articles. It can be in the format of podcasts, webinars, how-to video’s, video interviews, whitepapers studies, comparison studies, case studies, etc. Keep that customer in your information funnel and you will be able to nurture them to the cash register and beyond. You will build rapport and expertise in a way you never imagined possible.


Finally, have a strategy. Write down some goals and make them SMART goals. Make them measurable and time accountable and make sure your marketing is in sync and reflects your business goals. Put together a content calendar and get to blogging. Finally, nurture those leads and measure your sales cycle. 

All these elements are simple but critical if you want to get leads online. If you get stuck, there are people who can help. Look for people that are possibly an inbound marketing agency or have inbound marketing certifications. 


LUXA Enterprises offers outsourced inbound marketing services for small and mid-size businesses in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. If you’re considering a short or long-term approach for your growth needs, give us a call for more information at 918-928-7288.


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