A Unique Little Idea On How To Improve Employee Performance

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If you work in HR, or own or manage a company, your are concerned about maximizing and how to improve employee performance.

Maybe you have tried all the standard approaches- bonuses, evaluations, raises, incentives- but you still have a feeling that you should be getting more from your staff.

If poor employee performance is a problem for your company, here is one simple trick that can greatly enhance productivity at minimal cost to you.

Allow Your Employees to Take a Short Nap

It sounds ridiculously simple.

After all, this isn’t Kindergarten. However, companies like Google (which provides special napping “pods” for its employees) are already using this technique to boost the productivity and enhance performance of their employees.

The idea behind it is simple and is backed up by scientific studies.

Harvard Medical School released the results of a study supporting the benefits of taking a short (20 minutes is ideal) afternoon siesta.

In fact, many European and Latin American countries have been incorporating this practice effectively for decades.

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This idea may have even greater benefits in industries like Accounting that rely on sharp, focused thinking for long stretches of time.

Employees that nap are more likely to retain information in their short-term memory and make better decisions. An employee that is groggy is more likely to make mistakes which could prove costly.

An added tip is to encourage employees to drink a cup of coffee just before napping. Caffeine takes around 20 minutes to affect the brain and promotes greater alertness following the nap. 

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