How I Choose Accounting Software For Small Business Clients

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Having the right small business accounting software for your business can make all the difference in the world. Having it set up and using it correctly from the beginning will make your life easier especially when it comes to tax time and you need provide information to your CPA.

Depending on your type of business, there are several software packages available. Most software packages are available in the “cloud”, which is your best option.

This basically means that as long as you have an internet access, then you can access your software from anywhere, not just limited to your office.

Having it “cloud” based also means you can give access easily to your CPA or an accounting firm to assist with your entries. If hosted in the “cloud”, then they will usually take care of the software maintenance and back-ups (which are very import that they are done regularly).

Document storage is another option to take into consideration when choosing your accounting software. Several software packages have the option of attaching documents (excel, pdf) to the entry, so it makes it a breeze to get the back up for that specific entry. Along with document storage, having a decent scanner to scan in your documents is also a must.

Also, when looking at software look for a mobile application that can help you with invoicing to customers (complete as the work is done), keeping up with receipts by snapping a picture of each receipt and then it is uploaded into the software and can easily code it and have a copy for later.

LUXA can assist you in choosing the right software for your business along with setting it up correctly. LUXA can also help with setting up processes to for you daily/weekly/monthly entry, completing the daily entry and/or monthly oversight.

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