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Ways to improve your cash flow position

Do you feel like you work with nothing to show for it? Getting a business venture off the ground is exhilarating and at the same time your biggest challenge. There is the excitement to launch the product, polish the new manuals for your service, and design that awesome website that will generate your potential. 

Accounting mistakes can happen, and it is not until you finally review the financial statements that you uncover some important cash impacting details that may have been overlooked. When that happens for the first time, you hope to see green appear and not the dismal red ink in your ledger column. However, businesses are not perfect models. Mistakes happen and it’s not until you run your financial’s until you uncover that hind-sight is truly 20/20. 

One common mistake we see business owners make, without really realizing it is spending everything that is earned, without putting any money away in savings.

If this has happened at one point to you or someone else you know, we have a piece of advice that will help get your cash flow back on track. Set aside some funds, when the earnings cycle is on a high to offset the low periods.

What about spending without a specific plan or ROI in mind? Every penny spent should either be based on an original budget that is being followed closely, or should have a short term pay off (return on investment).

Still thinking about your finances? You can’t imagine how simple advice, when taken seriously, helps improve the financial position of your business and makes your accounting practice less of a daunting task. Keep an eye on your finances or find help from someone qualified to meet your needs.

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