Back to the Basics: Respect & Inclusion in the Workplace

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“Please, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, and I apologize”, these very simple but respectful words appear to be disappearing from the workplace. We are often so busy scurrying in and out of the workplace that we forget to use these simple courtesies.

Or rather, we take for granted that our coworkers know how much we respect and appreciate them that we no longer make the attempt to use our respectful words.

Well, if you have gotten too comfortable, I challenge you to get “uncomfortable” again because adding these respectful words back to your vocabulary can do wonders for creating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Therefore, it is time to get back to the basics of respect and inclusion.

As we get back to the basics of respect and inclusion in the workplace, we should be mindful of the ARC of Diversity at all times.

A – Acceptance. Ensuring that all employees feel valued and appreciated and not simply tolerated.


R – Respect. Respect can be shown through our actions, our attitudes and most importantly our words.


C – Connection. You can foster connection in the workplace by being respectful and creating an environment where everyone feels accepted.


Everyone must take responsibility for ensuring that your workplace is respectful and inclusive for all individuals.

This allows for an environment where all employees can come to work every day and give their very best.

Don’t take it for granted your team members know how much you respect and appreciated them, have you told them lately?

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