Can Diversity and Inclusion training reinforce organizational performance?

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Can diversity and inclusion training reinforce organizational performance? You bet! If you are looking to improve your bottom line, ensure that diversity and inclusion is infused at all levels within all business units of your organization.  

Studies show there is a real relationship between diversity, inclusion and business performance so it’s important for companies to follow best practices when implementing such strategies.

Although there is a relationship amongst the three, it is important that organizations realize there is a difference between diversity and inclusion.  

Inclusion is most often used synonymously with diversity, but it’s not one in the same. Diversity is the differences; inclusion is an action of accepting and including those differences. Inclusion is not tolerance.

Diversity strategies alone will not reinforce organizational performance. Companies must create inclusive cultures to reap the real benefits of a more productive workforce and increased business performance.  

There are many benefits to creating and sustaining an inclusive environment. The statistics below were reported by Mosaic Tulsa when presenting the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion.

  • When 10% more of a company’s employees report feeling included, average attendance increases by almost one day per year per employee
  • Inclusive teams outperform their peers in team-based assessments by 80%
  • Employees that feel included and think their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity, report an uplift in innovation, responsiveness to customers and team collaboration.

So now that we have established that diversity and inclusion initiatives reinforce organizational performance and improve the quality of an organization’s workforce, what are you waiting for?

Diversity and inclusion is a long term goal and not a simple program.  It is a journey and inclusion won’t occur over night.

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