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As some companies struggle with the changes that COVID-19 has brought to the business world, others are thriving and even scaling their operations as a direct result of back office outsourcing. 

“Back office outsourcing is a profitable opportunity for CEOs in the COVID environment in which we find ourselves,” says Frauke Petersen, CEO with LUXA Enterprises, “…when the cost of having inaccurate financials and unqualified internal staffing are stifling company growth and scalability. Our team of professionals is ready to elevate mid-size companies and nonprofits who have an open mind for change and brave hearts to leave tradition in the wake of progress.” 

Be open to change and take a risk-free step to learn more! 

CEO – Affordable Back Office

The business environment in which we currently live lends itself to people working remotely. “Why not scale up by taking advantage of LUXA’s Affordable Back Office™ services?” says Petersen. “We pride ourselves in being industry thought leaders and will gladly demonstrate how you can optimize your company or organization in a brief online consultation.”

Choose from any of these services:
Accounting, Bookkeeping, HR and Payroll Administration — and even virtual CFO!

Why You Should Leverage the Cloud

COVID-19 created all kinds of chaos and change in our world. But to the indomitable spirit, it yielded innovation and a paradigm of thought. Digital connections empower employees to work from home. CEOs are realizing that overhead and salaries can be reduced and efficiencies can be greatly improved by embracing the current digital environment.

As Frauke Petersen states, “CEOs must innovate during this critical season in the marketplace.” For mid-sized companies of 25 employees or more, LUXA’s Affordable Back OfficeTM outsourcing in this digital environment is the equivalent of accuracy, stability, and profitability. 

By looking at alternative ways to accomplish the necessary tasks within your organization, you too can improve both the stability and profitability of your business. This increases your bottom line and creates security for your business. However, it also ensures that your accounting, bookkeeping, HR, and payroll administration are accurate and reliable.

How Can Outsourcing Benefit Your Business?

CEOs of mid-sized companies find outsourcing to not only be invigorating but also profitable for their business. As a business owner or CEO, you must make your business decisions based on accurate data. Accounting mistakes and inaccurate data waste both time and valuable resources! Unfortunately, many small to mid-sized companies utilize employees who are not qualified to efficiently handle the accounting and compliance issues of your growing business. 

By outsourcing your accounting, HR, payroll, and bookkeeping tasks with LUXA, you can ensure that your business is operating efficiently, no matter how the current economic climate has impacted your daily operations.

LUXA is proud to partner with CEOs of mid-sized companies. “We are able to provide them with accurate accounting data, up-to-date human resource compliance, full bookkeeping, and payroll services! Our team provides more affordable solutions to many of the time-consuming tasks within your business. We aim to both empower and equip CEOs to run their businesses more efficiently and with better results.”

LUXA understands that leveraging the cloud by outsourcing some of your business operations can be an adjustment. Frauke Petersen says, “While you may have considered it previously, outsourcing requires some bravery. However, outsourcing operations within your business allows for better accuracy and efficiency. Outsourcing can help your company grow while implementing more effective systems.”

Take advantage of the recent shift in our business environment by leveraging a cloud-based mentality. Try to view it like your company or organization just expanded and hired all the right talent, they are connected via the internet and located right down the street in a separate annex. In doing so, you can experience the security and profitability that all companies crave. It’s time to make positive changes in the way you innovate your business. 

Be open to change and take a risk-free step to learn more! 

CEO – Affordable Back Office
Call the LUXA team today at (918) 928-7288 to learn more about why outsourcing is right for you!

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