Cloud Based Accounting Software: Using Expensify for Your Business

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Every business owner and their employees know reporting company expenses is an important task.  However, keeping track of a paper trail of receipts, mileage expenses and even recording time worked are some of the more tedious tasks performed throughout an employee’s typical workday.  This is where a convenient app like Expensify comes into play to use for everyday business expense recording.

Expensify is both the name of a software company and the name of an app they created for both personal and business expense recording.  Their app makes expense recording as simple as “snap” and “select”. 

Simply snap a photo of your expense receipt within Expensify, select an expense report to coincide with the receipt and you’re done.

Expensify also allows you to keep track of mileage expenses and log work hours.  It can sync with credit cards and pull transactions into your expense reports.  It also seamlessly integrates with other applications including:

  • Excel,
  • Dropbox,
  • SalesForce,
  • Xero,
  • QuickBooks,
  • NetSuite and more.

Another great feature is its ability to work even in offline mode.  Traveling in the air or without phone service?  No problem.  Expensify still works when your phone is in airplane mode or is out of its service area. 

Expense reports are easy to submit for approval and Expensify knows which expenses need a manager’s approval and which ones receive immediate approval. 

Once the expense receives approval, Expensify ensures the employee receives reimbursement in their bank account the same day.  Expensify is auto-synced with your current accounting system in real-time, so it automatically knows about new employees, new expense accounts and new departments.

We are huge proponents of using cloud based accounting software, like Xero. Today, your data and applications are safer than you think. Want to know more about Expensify?  Contact us.


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