Community Involvement Ideas and Why it Matters

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In the world of non-profit organizations, the key words of community support often used are time, treasure and talent. These words refer to the many ways that employees and companies can provide support within the community. Community involvement can be done in so many ways, whether it is family resources, children programs, health (mental and physical) support and such.

When a company chooses to be involved, it provides its employees with a wonderful opportunity to become active members in their community; creating a positive impact on society.

Community service allows the employees to expand their knowledge and like skills while providing time and talent to those who need it most.

An engaged business also allows it to become aware of the needs of the community. On the individual employee level, volunteerism is known to increase life satisfaction.

Community events built around employee groups foster teamwork and sense of accomplishment. As an example, participating in Habitat for Humanity or United Way Day of Caring, allows employees to bond and interact with each other in a different setting that ultimately benefits someone else’s needs.

A company that demonstrates compassion and caring will also draw employees who share the same value.

People want to feel like they have contributed and added meaning in their lives other than working towards a paycheck.

A company that provides the opportunity to employees to give back shows that their business goals are more than just profit.


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