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Contribution by: Mike Chromy

Geary Energy was founded in 1998 to provide wholesale, retail, and industrial end-users with reliable supplies of
 natural gas, and simultaneously providing reliable markets for producers and suppliers.

Geary Energy has grown quickly into a $200 million provider, aggregator, trader, and transporter of natural gas,
 serving clients throughout North America. 

When Geary Energy approached LUXA for advice on solutions in their bookkeeping practices, they had used a payroll processing service and managed their accounting functions using Microsoft Excel.  LUXA approached the project by assessing their overall reporting structure and was able to convert Geary Energy to QuickBooks Online, an easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses. QuickBooks allowed them to process their payroll internally, manage their accounts receivable, accounts payable, and sales tax.  It was no surprise what happened next. Geary Energy no longer needed multiple spreadsheets to determine which vendors to pay and which customers have not yet paid them. The time it takes now to process payroll and the reduction in errors is a huge cost savings for the firm. 

Furthermore, LUXA helped guide Geary Energy to improve their overall business processes and efficiency through streamlining their accounting functions via a single easily accessible software application.  Without the help of an experienced support partner like LUXA, Geary Energy would very likely be frustrated with their operations and still be looking for further solutions. Sometimes Tulsa outsourcing organizations go unnoticed in their collaboration and support. Groups like LUXA are proud to play a part in each business’s success. 

We recently surveyed Geary Energy and this is what they had to say:

What services do we provide you? Accounting and Payroll Services with a smile

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with us?   Extremely pleased … the LUXA staff has done an outstanding job in learning our business, getting our accounting set up correctly, providing our financials in a very timely manner, and continuing to provide top notch support.

How likely would you recommend our services to a friend, other business, or colleague?  I have already recommended your services to another business and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

How satisfied are you with our customer support?  Couldn’t get any better … phone calls and emails are returned promptly; staff is always very helpful and friendly.

Can you give an example of a recent event wherein our staff was able to help you resolve a problem?  Prior to our working with Luxa, we processed our sales tax from a complicated excel spreadsheet.  The Luxa staff got all of that accurately set up in Quickbooks – which was no easy task – and now our “system” is working much better and more accurately.

Additional comments.   It’s a pleasure working with a company and staff with integrity, and who are committed to providing the best service for their customers.

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