This week’s review on the best small business accounting apps: Hubdoc!

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One of the best small business accounting software that we use at LUXA Enterprises is Hubdoc. Just like the name says, it is a hub for all of your documents. Hubdoc allows us to maintain a paperless office for our firm and for our clients and saves us valuable time.

Email, Snap or Upload

When you sign up with Hubdoc you are assigned a unique email address. You or your vendors can send documents directly to Hubdoc via email. There is also a mobile app that allows you to take a snapshot of a receipt or invoice and upload it to your Hubdoc account. And finally, you can scan paperwork and upload it to the Hubdoc website.

Auto-filing, Accounting integration

Once your document arrives, Hubdoc uses OCR to pull the data from the item and auto-file your documents. You can review the document and make any necessary changes before you publish it to your online accounting software. Hubdoc currently works with, Quicbooks Online, and Xero.

Not just for invoices

Besides invoices, you can upload and store just about any document you want to keep: statements, reports, checks, deposits, payments, purchase orders and more. Get rid of that filing cabinet taking up space in your office.


Hubdoc advertises the ability to fetch documents from your vendors and banks automatically. However, the list of supported vendors doesn’t include many of the companies we use. While I have had limited experience with this feature, it has not worked well for me due to vendors changing their websites or having special log in requirements like an RSA device.

Must-have App

Hubdoc is a must-have accounting app. With Hubdoc our clients don’t have to drop off or mail batches of paperwork. They just put them in Hubdoc and we take care of the rest.

If you need additional outsource accounting help – LUXA Enterprises provides a free consultative approach. Call us or reach out and start your consultation call online today!

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