How to Identify Low Performance

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5 signs of a poor performer

How to identify low performance can be tricky. And, training managers to do it is often challenging since every manager has their own personality and way of relating to their team. How can you simplify the task of identifying low performance and training others to do it well?

The following is a list of poor performance indicators that will hopefully help both you focus on what is important for your business. When an employee is not doing their job well enough, the company’s bottom line and the team’s morale suffer. Use this list to help you find and solve your low performance problems.

1. Goals are not being met

The first and probably most straightforward sign is that the employee’s goals are not being met. You set out certain goals, in terms of what the job is supposed to accomplish, and that person is not meeting them at all. This way of identifying low performance is pretty obvious. But, it is only one part of the equation.

2. Employee relies too heavily on others to meet goals

Another possibility is that the employee relies too heavily on others to meet their goals. So, their goals may be getting met, but you find out that they are relying too much on other team members or on people above them to get the job done. And, that’s not a productive way to get things done because that employee is draining resources that have other goals and expectations. That’s something we have to monitor, as well.

3. The quality of work is poor

Low quality work may mean that goals are being met but the quality of work is just not up to par. And, as a manager, you need to able to carefully explain to employees how their work is not meeting expectations and be able to define what good performance would look like as opposed to what’s been turned in.

4. Employee has difficulty working with boss or co-workers

We’ve all run into the situation where an employee is getting the job done, and may even have high quality work, but they cannot work with other people. And, if that has an effect on their ability to get work done and on other’s ability to get work done, or for the organization to meet it’s goals, then that is a low performance issue.

5. Employee is not able to embrace the company values

Many organizations are now adding language to their performance review metrics about being able to uphold the company’s culture, values or mission. And, some employees are just not able to do so. Again, the performance may be there and the ability to work well with others may be there, but if they can’t truly embrace that vision then your organization is going to have an issue.


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