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Inclusion is often referred to as the secret sauce of organizations. It is the one true element that can truly move an organization’s diversity and inclusion forward. Although often intertwined, diversity and inclusion are not the same thing.

Simply stated, diversity is the vast array of differences, and inclusion is making those differences work. Inclusion gives life, meaning and purpose to diversity initiatives.

It’s not enough to have a diverse workforce if we aren’t allowing all voices to be heard.

diversity and inclusion in the workplace

As an organization, it is imperative that we are creating an inclusive office culture “on purpose” to ensure that all employees feel valued and appreciated.

Inclusion starts with “I” means that all employees of the organization, regardless of title, tenure or level are responsible for fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace for all employees.

Also found in the word inclusion is “us” – yes, it will take all of “us” working together because there is strength in our diversity.

Diversity is a journey and we must all be willing to step out into our own journey before we can bring true inclusion into the workplace. Inclusion starts with each of us individually.

We must first recognize what inclusion means to each of us, personally.

diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Let’s be honest, can we truly expect an inclusive workplace if we, ourselves, don’t see the value and importance of inclusion?

We must be willing to self-reflect and look at our biases because they can bleed into the workplace.

It’s okay to admit we have biases, as humans we all have biases and we all have biases that we can work on. 

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