Lead Growth Strategies: Is Inbound A Marketing Option For You?

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Tulsa inbound marketing solutions are not a fad

By now, I am sure you have taken notice of digital marketing and it’s impact in the cloud. But do you have time to make sense of it all? What you need are results and numbers to go up. Am I correct?

This is not a pitch that inbound marketing is right for your business. Inbound marketing activities are tailored for specific results. What is more important is what are your goals and what have you done in the past that has worked and not worked. 

I can fill the page full of attributes that sell inbound as an advantage in generating leads. The truth is, inbound is not for everyone. So how do we know if it’s right for you?

Take a sample of the following set of questions. If you find yourself answering YES to 3 or more of these you are a candidate for inbound!

Question 1: Do you have a clear idea of what your business value proposition is?

Question 2: Does your business solve a problem or provide a solution?

Question 3: Do you or someone else in your organization look forward to growth?

Question 4: Do you have an idea of how much you want to grow?

Question 5: By the end of the year, do you know where you want your sales efforts to be at?

Question 6: Does your sales goal have an immediate time line?

Question 7: Would it be important for you to hit your sales goals in the near future?

I find when talking to businesses owners that many of them know they would like to grow but just how much and when is a bit blurry. If you don’t have a clear idea of your growth goals or when you would like to meet them, inbound marketing could be a challenging decision.

Here are a few more questions. This time try this. After each answer ask yourself “Is this important for an inbound marketing plan?”. If you find you answered NO to 3 or more questions you might not realize yet what inbound marketing can do for you:

Question 1: Do you have a website?

Question 2: Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account?

Question 3: Do you have a large marketing budget?

Question 4: Do you enjoy blogging?

Question 5: Do you have someone on staff to dedicate to Social Media or Blogging?

Question 6: Do you have time to write your own content or blog articles?

Question 7:  Are you excited to learn SEO, web analytics, social media tactics, and inbound marketing methods?

There is not doubt that inbound marketing takes effort and time. However, the most important part about reaching new growth goals is not just that you have a great product or service. You need people to know about it and this is half of the equation to business growth potentials. 

What has changed is the way people get their information today. More information is online than ever before. Customers are getting more and more informed on their own time instead of reading ads and infomercials. People are less accepting of interruptions and are more interested in connections. Ask yourself this, “How are they finding out about your product or service?” Is it important enough for you to monitor?

Take the time to research lead growth strategies with your local inbound marketing provider and all of your growth goals and objectives. Find out if your goals match the inbound marketing activities your marketing rep promises they can deliver. Is inbound a marketing option that is right for your business? If all else fails, give us a call at 918-928-7288 or go online to our site.

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