Leaders Can Improve Low Employee Morale With Awareness (Infographic)

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As a business manager, how often do you find yourself combating low employee morale? In some industries and businesses, this is a common challenge while in others it may be a “silent killer” that does not get mentioned much in executive meetings. 

But according to a American Pyscohology Association study, this issue is more prevalent than once considered by many business leaders. Not only is it important for business internal relationships to meet employee satisfaction, it is invaluable toward your production output and even your business bottom line.

“The Gallup study reports that among the least happy and least engaged employees — those with the lowest well-being scores — the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is upward of $28,000. The sick-day lost-productivity cost among the happiest and most engaged workers: $840 a year.” (

Your employees, without a doubt, are some of your most important investments. We also feel this way, so much, that we decided to not only pay more attention to what they struggle with but to the people that are responsible for their well being: their managers. 

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If you want a few more reasons to develop yourself as a leader and top notch business managers, feel free to copy our Infographics below and paste it where you can see it. It is a reminder checklist for business managers to always be looking for ways to improve your business environment and employee morale. 


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