Leading From The Back Of The Line

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Do you know how to lead from behind?  Today’s business climate requires leaders who allow their employees to come forward, lead and transform.  

Leadership Approach

This type of leader will see to the needs of team, which helps create the circumstances that allow individuals to shine, use their skills and resources.  To lead from behind, you need to build a strong team that is connected by common goals and values. As a leader, you need to make sure that everyone is working towards the same goals, but leave space for different approaches.

Empower Innovation

Leading from behind, however, often places leaders in a supporting role which may feel counter-intuitive but it can be the most effective way to produce wide-spread innovation. The goal is to enable your team members to emerge as innovators and leaders.  Difference situations will inspire different team members so create opportunities for learning and growth, such as training, a collaborative work environment, or reward innovative thinking. If this process is continual, innovation will become part of the company culture.

Know when to step in

While leading from behind often means playing a supportive role, sometimes it’s necessary to step forward especially if you notice your team getting off-track. While you want to trust your team’s intentions and creativity, you sometimes will need to share your own experiences and insight to help make corrections. And, a time of crisis is not the time to lead from behind.

Keep in mind that leading from behind is just one of many effective leadership strategies. Leading from behind can have a big impact if done properly.  When leaders move out of the way and let their team take over real growth can take place. Learn more about Leadership through one, or more, of Luxa’s HR training opportunities!

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