Low Employee Morale: Five Methods to Boost Happiness

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Are you a small business owner looking to boost sales? Or an entrepreneur wishing to increase overall customer satisfaction? Look no further than your staff.

The most effective pathway to success is raising low employee morale. Happy employees not only bring in more customers, but garner more revenue in sales. Investing in your employees is investing in the longevity of your business.

Here are five guaranteed methods used to elevate morale: 

1. Inspire your team. Excite new employees with the story of your business.

Apply this approach during the interview process. Make them believe that their contribution to your company is fundamental to its success. A compelling company script makes workers feel they belong to something bigger than themselves. It empowers them. Be the reason your staff wishes to impress, strive, and succeed from day one. Inspiration breeds loyalty. 

2. Be approachable. Encourage staff to contribute to the improvement of the business.

Workers feel valued when they are allowed to vent concerns, propose new ideas, and ask questions. Feedback creates less tension in the workplace. It also promotes healthy communication. Programs like TinyPulse work tremendously well for this endeavor too. Such interactive tools provide employees with a platform to brainstorm ideas and find solutions to problems. 

3. Praise employees. Recognize individuals for their own personal achievements.

Thoughtful touches like writing handwritten thank you notes make your staff’s day. So too does remembering an employee’s initiative and hard work during a meeting. All these gestures improve morale. Such actions show that you care, notice, and are proud of your staffs accomplishments. Productivity always increases when workers know they are appreciated. 



4. Consider company incentives. By providing staff with little luxuries you establish a fun company atmosphere.

It makes employees feel indulged. Even spoiled. As if they are working for the “cool” boss. Incentives can include company discounts, free swag (or merchandise), or a catered lunch. Be sure to have the incentive match the overall personality of your business as well. Doing so adds a personal touch. If a massage parlour is your business then offer free massages once a month or a discount for a spa retreat. 

5. Invest in your staff. Employees with job security work twice as hard because they want to advance in their positions.

Promoting from within also displays loyalty to your team. It shows faith in their abilities. Nurture these abilities. Discover each employee’s personal strengths, skills, and talents then act as their mentor. Encourage them. Provide opportunities like furthering their education or receiving more training. Doing so improves an employee’s performance and lays the groundwork for a promotion.

Please, contact us to learn more valuable methods for increasing low employee morale. At LUXA Enterprises we focus on finding solutions to generate success. Help us, help you. 

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