Milestones. Not Deadlines

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Just the word deadline itself makes some of us shudder.

It brings imagines of some large, burdensome task, lurking ahead of us – waiting to catch us for being late.

Deadline, too many these days, means annual personal and company tax filing. However, there are several equally important deadlines we should not ignore: payroll tax filing, sales tax filing, EEO filing, etc. Overlooking any of these can be a costly mistake and could easily shut a business down. Business owners, office managers, controllers, payroll administrators should keep a calendar of ‘deadline reminders’ to ensure compliance and timely reporting.

Did Your Know?

The term deadline originated from prison camps during war, and referred to a physical line or boundary. The “deadline” in such prison camps as Confederate Prison Camp Andersonville or Union Prison Camp Douglas Chicago during the Civil War was “Inside (the wall), about 19 feet from the wall,” which prisoners were forbidden to cross. The “deadline” was intended to prevent prisoners from climbing over the stockade or from tunneling under it.[3] The term was later adapted in its use to time lines, perhaps to show the seriousness of an end date in a timeline by referring to it as a “deadline.” (

I prefer the term Milestone:

It has such a happier connotation. Positive milestones: a child’s first step, a teenager’s first car, a big project completed… These signify cause for celebration and sense of success.

From here on… Luxa will manage to milestones, not deadlines!

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