How To Help Make Tracking Your Expenses Easier In Less Time

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QuickBooks is one of the easiest accounting software solutions designed for use by small and medium-sized companies. Here are quick three tips to help make tracking your expenses and paperwork easier.

1 Attachments

Attachments are a great way keep track of paperwork. Attaching your bills to payments or checks, or checks to bank deposits, and 1099s to the vendor record, helps keep accurate records.

Bonus, no need to maintain paper copies.

2 Bank Rules

Bank Rules help to streamline tracking expenses. Banks rules for common expenses, like fuel, office supplies and dues & subscriptions help to ensure your expenses are tracked accurately and consistently.

Bonus, you become more automated, streamlining and error-proofing data entry.

3 Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds are a great tool to help ensure your bank and credit card transactions stay on track. When utilizing the Bank Feeds for credit cards, you can see what transactions have been charged to your credit card. This allows you to code to the correct general ledger account in real time or in some cases, dispute charges.

Bonus, when your transactions are already uploaded, you can reconcile the account faster and make the month end process quicker.

If you need help setting up your business’s QuickBooks, please reach out to us, we are always here to help.

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