Recognizing Women Business Leaders Like The Kiwi Queen

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As a woman, a CEO, and a mother, I understand the difficulties of making an impact in a male-dominated industry while also juggling the multitude of tasks and expectations that are put upon the modern day woman. However, I didn’t let that stop me from becoming the successful person I am today. That shouldn’t stop you as well, ladies.

In fact, according to Entrepreneur, women start businesses at twice the rate of all companies and about 51% of all firms are owned by women!

With that being said, I feel it’s important to commemorate the women who have set the standards of excellency as business women and entrepreneurs, generated trillions of dollars in sales, and who have provided millions of jobs to fellow Americans. These women are all different, but at the same time share similar stories of triumph in the face of hardship.

We start by celebrating the famed Frieda Rapoport Caplan aka “The Kiwi Queen” aka “The Princess of Produce.” 

There is a lot to say about this woman, however, I will summarize since Entrepreneur did an amazing job covering her achivements.

What she did, simply put, was introduce American produce markets to strange and unusuals vegetables and fruits such as the now-popular kiwi and mango. She did this and created an multi-million dollar empire through her magnetic charisma and talented marketing skills.

If it wasn’t for her gender-barrier breaking efforts we wouldn’t have the luxury of enjoying certain mushrooms, exotic fruits, and most importantly the kiwi. 

What makes her more charming is her humble attitude towards her achievements.

If you want to learn more about how this inspiring woman turned the produce market upside down through hard work and a bit of luck then head over to Entrepreneurs cover story on her!


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