Supervisor employee relationship: 10 Time Management Tips

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10 time management tips that help better employee relationships

The tips below will guide you on efficiently managing your time through effective delegating, calendar management and using productivity tools. Learning  how to work smarter, and not longer every day can help lead to better supervisor employee relationships.

Prioritize. The 80/20 rule does not apply only to your customers; it also should govern your workload. Stop trying to do things perfectly. Focus instead on better preparation and speedier decision-making for the fifth of your work that counts most.

Learn to control the process, not the people. As a supervisor, you must remain involved in your employees’ activities. But where does involvement stop and micromanaging begin? Sticking your nose too deeply into an employee’s work process can be counterproductive and waste time.

Manage interruptions. Encourage workers to make decisions for themselves. How do you do that? By praising initiative when you see it. When staffers see that they are free to act autonomously, they will feel less need to come to you.

Schedule time to work on top-priority projects—uninterrupted. Regularly block off time on your calendar to think and catch up on projects that are top priority.

Don’t interrupt yourself. Productivity suffers when you think, “Oh, before I forget, I need to tell Bob …,” and dash off to find him. Or, “I’d better do X before I forget.” Tip: Write down a task or thought that distracts you, so you can revisit it later. Once you’ve written it down, put it out of your head. Tell yourself: “This isn’t my priority right now. Thinking about it isn’t productive.”

Delegate. Delegating is a management gospel. If you can’t or won’t delegate, you are managing your time badly. Yes, letting go is hard but keep in mind that managers who delegate can double, even triple, their productivity by utilizing other people’s talents – a key definition of the managerial function.

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