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How becoming a better communicator improves supervisor employee relationships

Becoming a good supervisor means you are a good communicator. But what is that really? To help put it all together, we came up with a few tips to help with communication – an essential skill if you are in the position to lead and influence others.

Below you will find a few tips to help supervisors become better communicators, and in the process, improve the flow of information, enhance teamwork, ensure accountability, and make sure everyone understands a consistent message. Solid communication leads to fewer mistakes, improved productivity, a safer workplace, and better customer satisfaction.

1. Think about it. Before speaking or writing, think about what message needs to get through.

2. Organize. Putting thoughts into a logical sequence will enhance communication.

3. Consider expectations. Communicators should think about the expected results. For example, if someone is expected to take action, the communicator should make sure to say so.

4. Keep it simple. “One message at a time simply and directly stated is much more likely to be heard and understood.”

5. Be precise. “To get your message across, be as precise as possible. Use concrete language and examples to help explain what you mean so you leave no room for interpretation.”

6. Be concise. “Say only what needs to be said to get your point across.”

7. Demonstrate. When appropriate, use a diagram, chart, or graph to emphasize points.

8. Repeat the message. “Messages often need to be repeated on several occasions before they actually get through.”

9. Incorporate opposing arguments. That lets the audience know they’ve been heard and it diminishes the negative impact of their resistance.

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