Supervisor Employee Relationship: What Can Happen In The First 60 Days

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Manager Employee Relationship And The First Impression Challenge

As for most supervisors and their roles, I now know after working with other business owners and their share of “supervisor dilemas”, that the supervisory role is a direct extension of the management team.  This may mean you foster as much negative as positive influence in your workforce. What is worse than a negative impression? A “first impression” gone bad.

7 questions to ask employees in their first 60 days

Recruiting, hiring and training new employees can eat up a supervisor’s time. The last thing a supervisor wants to do is start the process all over again because that new hire just stood up and walked out the door after three months. Make it a point to meet new hires within the first 60 days. Your goal: Discover their likes/dislikes about the job and environment; see if the job meets their expectations and nip potential problems in the bud.

Then, ask some of the following questions, adapting them to your own needs:

1. What’s been going well? What are the highlights of your experiences so far? Why

2. Do you have enough, too much or too little time to do your work?

3. What do you need to learn to improve? What can the organization do to help you become more successful in your job? (Don’t ask these two questions unless you are prepared to follow up with action. Otherwise, you can build false expectations, and that can cause disappointment.)

4. Tell me what you don’t understand about your job and about our organization.

5. Which co-workers have been helpful since you arrived? (Goal: Pinpoint which employees can be influential in retaining the new hire)

6. Do you feel comfortable asking questions?

7. What do you like about the job and organization?

So often we can miss the impact a supervisor employee relationship can do to a company. Taking the time to train your supervisors to make good decisions and follow proper company protocol can be the difference between a loyal and happy employee and a lawsuit. We hope you enjoyed the tips on how to improve your employee relationships.

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